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Winter and the workshop

Well as can be seen from the blog not a lot has been happening over the winter down here, while we don't suffer the winters of the northern parts of the globe it still gets very cold to be out in the shed down around 4 deg C and with no heating it's meant not a lot of time has been spent out there.

That being said I have been doing a bit of work on the CNC machine to improve its accuracy, this has been aimed at leveling gantry to table to improve the depth control for engraving the Perspex templates that I make for my wife and her patchwork quilting.
The trouble was by adjusting various parts to achieve the level travel I had inadvertently loaded the X axis screw and ball nut when at one end of travel so I've had to realign the Stepper end of the screw or it would have damaged the ball nut bearing very soon.

I have completed that realignment and while I have the table top removed, (the 25mm MDF base board), I have come across some "T" slot rails that I'm going to cut into the table board so this is the next job on the list and the weather is improving as well.
I have been working almost seven days a week for quite a few weeks now but that should ease off in a couple of weeks time so things should start to move again as I have a number of jobs to do and I'm keen to get everything going again.

Stay tuned.


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