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What's next

Hi all,

It's been a while since my last post but the CNC machine has not been sitting idle.
I've been making the usual bit and pieces for my wife Carol, all her needs for her Patchwork Quilts.

Recently I had a acquaintance that I had shown some of my CNC work to as me if I could make a sign for pedigree dogs. The sign part was simple enough I told her but she also wanted a picture of her dog added at either end of the sign so now I have to learn about 3D carving using Aspire software to generate the needed files for the carving.
I have a picture of the dog to play with and have had a quick go at making a 3D file for carving and only having seen a couple of video tutorials on YouTube this will totally new so I have a first go at the dog file and it's pretty rough but not bad for a start.

The image will be only 200 x 200 mm in size maybe 250 mm square at the most and will not be a fine detail model but a representation of the dog carved with a 1/8th round nose bit. This is a sample of my first go at the file.

So now I just have to perfect the smoothness and few other things to make it look the way she wants and have a practice run on a bit of scrap wood. Aspire tells me it should only take about an hour to an hour and a half depending on size.


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