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Limit Switches

The new optical limit switches are here and look to be ok for the job at hand although it's yet to be decided if a NO or NC setup is to be adopted. I purchased ten of the them so I would have a couple of spare for other purposes such as homing switches but that's something to think about later.

I've not been to the shed much as it's been very cold this winter and I still have to figure out what voltage these run at and then where to power them from, I may need another small power supply just for the switches. I'll Google the data sheet on the switches and go from there I guess, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

There is no rush to do this as I'm mostly working with Perspex/Acrylic sheeting or wood so this little mod is only to improve the robustness of the machines operating envelope and that of high frequency vibrations when cutting metal causing the micro switches contacts to bounce and thereby causing the machine to go into an Emergency stop.

If I set these up as normally closed I will only need one switch per axis as it will need a rail in the switch at all times during normal operation with a gap at either end of travel to allow the switch to go open circuit, at least that's how I think they work, it may be the other way around. I'll take them to work with me tonight and test their operation along with the info from the Google search.

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