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Improvements Tidy Up

The improvements have gone well so it now it's time to tidy things up a bit.

Mounting of the electronics under the side of the desk had to be rearranged to accommodate the extra break out of Port 2 from the Smoothstepper.
I have rewired the Y and Z limits to to Port 2 and also the emergency stop along with the Z probing for the Auto Z Zero function testing function of all as I went. All this has allowed the wiring to be finally tidied up and now it's looking fairly neat I don't mind saying so myself.
This only leaves the X axis limits to go, I still haven't decided on the mounting of the switches but will have to look at it now as it's the last of that to be done.

I've been having a bit of fun playing with the Auto Z Zero it's a very neat feature to have but as you see from the rather large touch plate in the pictures that's one of the other jobs to take care of, something a little smaller I think.


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