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Bed Clamping

Hi all,

After a long cold winter and then a very busy few months at work I have finally resumed some work with the CNC.
As the old sacrificial base board was getting a bit tired I decided to do what I had originally wanted to do and that was to fit a series of blind nuts under the board in a grid spaced at 75mm allowing clamping over the entire base making it a lot more usable than before.

The original blind nuts ordered were 6 mm but I received 2 lots of 4 mm as previously noted in this blog so I decided to use them anyway. If the bolts are too short I have threaded rod that I can cut to length to suit.

I had also shimmed the table to level it to within +/- 0.07 mm and that should be level enough for my work although some of the engraving I want to do on the Perspex templates might require a little more accuracy. If that is the case then I may need to invest in a spring mounted engraving tool to soak up any imperfections in the table top.


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