Ken Nicholas Photography Astronomy & DIY CNC


Hi all.
Welcome to my humble web site.

It is pleasing to see my visitors are from the global community and it appears I have a bit of a following in Brazil so hello to my Brazil friends and of course everyone else. Please feel free to ask questions of anything you see here.

These pages are about Photography, Astronomy, Astro Photography and more recently DIY CNC machines closely followed by going flying, a life long passion that has finally come to fruition. You will find lots of Astro images of the heavens on the Astronomy page and a Blog of the build of my CNC Router. I'm into making things and automation and the CNC machine fits in with that as does the telescope gear as that is also computer controlled so the hobbies all interlink in one way or another.
Have a look around enjoy the spectacular colours of our Galaxy and other Galaxy's.

I will also put up a family history page soon as Genealogy is another challenge I enjoy so that will come along as the site is built, anyway come back and check it out from time to time